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1.     “Weathering the storm: how foreign aid and institutions affect entrepreneurship activity following natural disasters” (with Monica Escaleras, and Anand Jha)” Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice forthcoming -pdf-


2.     “National regulation, state-level policy, and local job creation in the United States: A multilevel perspective” Research Policy (with David Lucas) 49(4) 2020 – pdf-

3.     “Socio-Cognitive Traits and Entrepreneurship: The Moderating Role of Economic Institutions” Journal of Business Venturing (with Boris Nikolaev and Peter Klein) 34(1) 2019: 178-196. –pdf-

4.     “Entrepreneurship and Subjective Well-Being: The Mediating Role of Psychological Functioning” Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (with Boris Nikolaev and Matthew Wood) 44(3) 2020: 557-586 -pdf-

5.     “Informed Voters and Electoral Outcomes: A Natural Experiment Stemming from a Fundamental Information Technological Shift” Public Choice (with Shane Sanders, Joel Potter, Justin Ehrlich, Justin Perline) forthcoming -pdf-

6.     Natural Disasters and Entrepreneurship Activity” Economics Letters 182 2019: 82-85. –pdf-

7.     “Employee Compensation and New Venture Performance: Does Benefit Type Matter?” Small Business Economics forthcoming -pdf-

8.     “Ethnic Diversity and Small Business Venturing” Small Business Economics 54(1) 2020: 25-41. –pdf-

9.     “Capital is not enough: Opportunity entrepreneurship and formal institutions” (with Boris Nikolaev) Small Business Economics 53(3) 2019: 709-738 –pdf-

10.  “The Importance of Industry to Strategic Entrepreneurship: Evidence from the Kauffman Firm Survey” Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade 20(1) 2020: 93-114 –pdf-

11.  "Cross-Country Determinants of Early Stage Necessity and Opportunity-Motivated Entrepreneurship: Accounting for Model Uncertainty" (with Boris Nikolaev and Leslie Palich) Journal of Small Business Management 56(1) 2018: 243-280. -pdf-

12.  "Corruption and Destructive Entrepreneurship" (with Boris Nikolaev and Randall G. HolcombeSmall Business Economics 51(1) 2018: 181-202. -pdf-

13.  "Are Individualistic societies less equal? Evidence from the Parasitic Stress Theory of Value."(with Boris Nikolaev and R. SalahodjaevJournal of Economic Behavior & Organization 138 2017: 30-49. -pdf-

14.  "Institutional Quality and Innovation: Some Cross Country Evidence." Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy 6(1) 2017: 26-40. -pdf

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17.  “The relative wages of offense and defense in the NBA: a setting for win-maximization arbitrage?” (with Shane D. Sanders and Justin Ehrlich) Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports 15(3) 2019: 213-224

18.  “Hospital Mergers, Acquisitions, and Regulatory Policy Implications: Price, Cost, Access, and Market Power Effects.” (with Bhavneet Walia) Managerial Finance forthcoming

19.  "Is Institutional Improvement Possible?" (with Randall G. HolcombeApplied Economics Letters 25(11) 2018: 758-761. -pdf-

20.  "Economic Institutions and the Durability of Democracy." (with Randall G. Holcombe) Atlantic Economic Journal 45(1) 2017: 17-28. -pdf-

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28.  "A Natural Experiment to Determine the Crowd Effect Upon Home Court Advantage." (with Shane D. Sanders and Bhavneet Walia) Journal of Sports Economics 18(7) 2017: 737-749. -pdf-

29.  "Bend it like FIFA: Corruption on and off the pitch" (with Gokhan Karahan and R. Morris CoatsManagerial Finance 42(9) 2016: 866-878. -pdf-

30.  "In memoriam: R. Morris Coats, a second wave public choice scholar in camouflage" (with Gary PecquetGokhan KarahanAndrew Luccasen, and Shane D. SandersPublic Choice 166(3-4) 2016: 379-387. -pdf-

31.  "What is Seen and What is Not Seen: The Dark Side of State competition for Foreign Direct Investment" (with R. Morris Coats and Earl DavisSouthern Business and Economic Journal 35(1) 2012: 35-52. -pdf-

32.  "Voting and Abstaining in the U.S. Senate: Mr. Downs Goes to Washington" (with R. Morris Coats and Bhavneet WaliaSouthern Business and Economic Journal 34(1-2) 2011: 55-72. -pdf-


  Book Chapter


"Shattering the glass ceiling? How the institutional context mitigates the gender gap in entrepreneurship" –pdf-


 Working Papers


Connecting the dots between democracy and innovation: The mediating role of economic freedom and press freedom” -pdf-


“Natural Disasters and Economic Dynamism: Evidence from U.S. Entrepreneurial Activity” -pdf-


“Innovation of POEs and SOEs: The Moderating Role of Marketization” -pdf-


“Institutions, entrepreneurship, and growth: Does the level of development matter?” –pdf-


“The Impact of Social Capital on SME Performance” (R&R Small Business Economics) –pdf-


Selected Media Coverage:

·       Measures to tackle black economy are suspiciously totalitarian - (pdf) The Sydney Morning Herald, May 2018

·       The Selfish Way to Combat Inequality - (pdf) The Hindu, September 2017

·       The Senate is turning into the House  -  (pdf) Boston Globe, August 2015

·       Root, Root, Root for the Home Team -  (pdf) Pacific Standard Magazine, September 2015