Project for STA 2023 Summer 2015

The project is due Thursday June 11th. 1. List your concentration and area of study. 2. List the titles of 5 scientific and peer-reviewed journals that publish research articles in your area of concentration. Make sure to choose at least one journal that is freely accessible by the FAU libraries as an e-journal. (You can search for the journals at FAU here E-journals). 3. Search through one of the journals you listed in 2. above for a recent article that is presenting its finding from a statistical point of view. Try to avoid articles that are of the "meta-analysis" type. 4. Give an outline of the first few sections of the article. Do not copy the abstract but you may use the abstract to outline the article. Include a list of statistics that you can understand. Find a p-value and determine the authors' level of "significance". Determine whether their is a research database for your area. If so, include the title and web address. For example, in mathematics we use MathSciNet; its address is MathSciNet. This should be typed up and turned in on the 11th along with your presentation. 5. Share your own thoughts on whether the article is intersting, useful, helpful, and/or whether you agree or disagree with their conclusions, in particular whether the conclusion is significant. 6. Present your project in class on June 11th. (Power-point is a good option.) In your presentation you should present the following information: area of research, author(s), date of publication, and title of article. Also include a copy of the article as a .pdf file. Try to limit your presentation to 5-8 minutes.