18th Annual ORD/OAL  
May 8-10, 2015
H.L. Wilkes Honors College  
Florida Atlantic University  

18th Annual Conference on Ordered Algebraic Structures

Friday, May 8th, through Sunday May 10th, 2015
H. L. Wilkes Honors College, Jupiter, Fl, USA

The conference will be a celebration of the work and achievement of Prof. J. Martinez.
The main themes of the conference will center around the theories of lattice-ordered groups, f-rings, and frames.

Sponsored by:  
  • the Division of Research of Florida Atlantic University
  • the Consortium for Order in Algebra and Logic (OAL)
  • the H. L. Wilkes Honors College of Florida Atlantic University (HC)
    5353 Parkside Dr., Jupiter, Fl 33458
  • the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Florida Atlantic University (Math FAU)

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    For more information about the conference please contact Dr. Warren Wm. McGovern: warren.mcgovern@fau.edu