Kevin Wagner, J.D. Ph.D

Florida Atlantic University

Department of Political Science

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Kevin M. Wagner
Associate Professor

Director of the Jack Miller Forum
Florida Atlantic University
Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters
Department of Political Science
777 Glades Road, P.O. Box 3091
Boca Raton, FL 33431-0991 USA


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American National Government
Florida Politics
State and Local Politics
Introduction to Political Science
Issues in American Politics
Public Opinion and Politics
Parties and Interest Groups
Political Film and Fiction
Judicial Politics
Media and Politics
 Research Methods in Political Science


Ph.D., Political Science, University of Florida
M.A. (2002), Political Science, University of Florida
Juris Doctor (1996), University of Florida

B.A. (1993) International Affairs and Russian Language, Florida State University

Research Interests

Technology and Politics
Law and Society
American Judiciary
Political Behavior
Political Methodology
American Institutions

Recommendation Requirements

Current Research


Refereed Journal and Law Review Articles:


·         Kevin Wagner (with Jason Gainous and Trisha Grey). “Internet Freedom and Social Media Effects: Democracy and Citizen Attitudes in Latin America.” Forthcoming, Online Information Review (2016).

·         Kevin Wagner (with Jason Gainous and Mirya Holman). “I am Woman, Hear me Tweet! Gender Differences in Twitter Use among Congressional Candidates.” Forthcoming, Journal of Women, Politics & Policy (2016).


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Book Chapters:

·         Kevin Wagner and Eric Prier. “Assessing The Florida Legislature.”  In Government and Politics in Florida (4th ed) edited by J. Edwin Benton, Gainesville, FL:  University Press of Florida (Forthcoming 2016).


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Other Publications:

·         Kevin Wagner. “Keeping Political Science Relevant.” Florida Political Chronicle (2014) 23(1): 5-6.


·         Kevin Wagner. “City of Cincinnati v. Discovery Network: Constitutional Protections for Commercial Speech,” in David L. Hudson, David A. Schultz, & John R. Vile, eds.  The Encyclopedia of the First Amendment, 1st ed. 2008.


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Book Reviews:

·         Kevin Wagner. Review of Michael Foley. The British Presidency. (Manchester, U.K.: Manchester United Press 2000) in Book Reviews on Presidents and the Presidency edited by Frank Columbus. Hauppauge NY: Nova Science Publishers (2008). 


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